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New Zealand City Council and public agencies face the challenge of increasing civic demands to operate at the highest level of responsiveness, efficiency and accountability. Balancing the requirements of managing a diversesubcontractor base, along with ensuring public safety, requires the kind of end-to-end solution only Xlerate can provide.

Xlerate is helping governments and public agencies streamline and modernise their mobile operations, enhance service to the public and comply with regulatory challenges.

A couple of examples where Xlerate is enhancing services are as follows:
Waste Management choosing Xlerate for the Rubbish collection trucks and the City Council having visibility to the real time view of the operations thereby enabling faster and more accurate response to customer queries and complaints.
Animal Control subcontractors have deployed Xlerate to streamline their operations using Xtend MDT and ability to receive Jobs whilst in the field and comprehensive reporting

In summary Xlerate solutions for municipalities and public agencies enable them to
Increase visibility into and efficiency of mobile workforce and assets
Streamline time and task management
Maximize resource allocation
Optimise scheduling
Monitor authorized versus unauthorized use of mobile assets Enable efficient communication with mobile workers
Provide real-time, integrated workflow information

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