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The Xlerate application allows you to collaborate in a transparent and secure manner with your Customers, Vendors and Drivers/field workers.

    Roles and Rights:
    Using the built in extensive roles and rights based security you can grant required access to your fleet information, without compromising any private or sensitive data. Access can be granted or denied at granular level including access to report data and specific vehicle or load visibility

    Customer Access
    Provide customers access to fleet vehicles dedicated to them or to vehicles that are carrying their loads. The access can be provided for a limited time only when the customer load or job is performed by the vehicle and. This allows for greater transparency of operations with your customer and reduced call handling from customer wanting to know the status of their job or visibility to sensitive loads.

    Advanced shipment notification (ASN)
    Quicker turn around and lower waiting times providing the ASN module to your vendors and pick and drop off warehouses or ports.

    The ASN module is a simple application that constantly tracks current vehicle position and updates the load point with up-to-date status of the vehicle. This allows for planning of bays and equipment to handle loading or unloading of goods in a timely manner without delays waiting for a free bay.

    The warehouse can also notify expected delays back to dispatcher using the ASN so that intelligent decisions can be made to reroute the truck or make an alternate stop to avoid wasted waiting time if no bays are free or the port is experiencing congestion.

    ASN users do not need a user account and do access to any other features of the Xlerate on-line application.

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