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Xlerates customer base includes a wide range of Contracting companies whose core business involves building and maintaining New Zealands roading and transport infrastructure.

Most of these customers have multiple depots with a centrally located warehousing and distribution facilities.

Xlerate is focused on developing technology and solutions for earthmoving, site preparation, and general, interior and underground construction contractors. Xlerate's construction solutions help to get the job done faster, with less machine time and personnel. For each phase of the construction cycle -- design, grading, site checking, building and asset tracking -- Xlerate has a broad portfolio of integrated construction positioning systems designed to improve productivity.

Xlerates comprehensive Fleet productivity modules have helped them to:
Provide visibility and control for dispatchers to construction trucking fleet
Assist efficient delivery of products to unfamiliar locations for driver
Ability to find alternative more optimum routes
Concrete trucks can be fitted with bowl rotation sensors to provide real time field data to central office
Advance shipment notification to customers to enable them to prepare for unloading when truck arrives
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