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Courier & Delivery Services

The Courier and Delivery service companies have unique challenges and constantly struggling to meet time critical deliveries. Constant problems communicating with drivers as they do not answer the phone when driving and worries about the trunking vehicle delivering from the hub on time to ensure final delivery is made within SLA timeframe

In additional there is always the daily challenge of chasing drivers to update their status against the plan and hand in paperwork and POD's .

Xlerate meets all of these challenges with their custom Job Dispatch and standard productivity modules by enabling:
To monitor routes in Real Time by exception. Monitor the Plan versus Actual to ensure routes remain on schedule
Dispatches the job electronically to the relevant vehicle. Turn by turn navigation guides the driver directly to the correct location and the operative inputs the status of any tasks carried out with live feedback and POD signature capture being returned to base in Real Time
View the location of the fleet in Real Time
View the nearest vehicle to a location to ensure a reduction of travel time and to increase the speed at which a vehicle will arrive for emergency response work
Save the ideal routes into the system, this will automatically flag any route deviation, ideal for high value or time sensitive loads
Xtend MDT soft Panic Buttons can be utilised in case of emergencies
Reports shows accurate data relating to key operational activity, this can be defined for each user group, dependant on their requirements

Increase productivity through improved organisation and more efficient planning. An optimised delivery schedule ensures all deliveries are made within the required time window, using the minimum resource possible.
Monitor status and location of each driver through the day ensuring time sensitive deliveries are not neglected.
Improve data flow between workforce and depot; reduce paperwork and improve communications in real time.
Reduce fuel costs and travel time by improving routes taken
Monitor driver performance and working hours
Drivers can minimise travel time and mileage using turn by turn navigation instructions in-vehicle
Send the nearest vehicle to a site for any emergency responsive work

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