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Customers from many different industry sectors are benefiting from Xlerates broad array of solutions

Line Haul, Container Transport Trucking Industry
JD Hickman, Bowman Bulk Freight...

Weve been really impressed with the way that the Xlerate package has helped us to cut costs, improve operating efficiencies, increase customer responsiveness and maximise our return on investment, even through challenges like increasing fuel costs and changing regulatory mandates.

Services and Distribution Industry
Trak Ltd, Peter Divers Plumbing, Auckland Steel, A.J. Tutill, Big Blue, Symons Transport....

Since using Xlerate, I have found it far easier to communicate efficiently with my mobile workforce, streamline my time and task management duties, monitor the use of mobile assets and maximise resource allocation.

Forestry and Logging Industry
Steve Murphy Ltd

We never bothered trying to track our Road User Charge refunds before, as it was just too complicated. Now were saving a substantial amount of money by having the Xlerate system accurately and easily track the time were driving offroad.

City Council and Regulatory Industry
Waste Management, Animal Control Services....

Local government and public agencies must meet increasing civic demands to operate at the highest level of responsiveness, efficiency and accountability. Xlerate has helped us to modernise our mobile operations, enhancing service to the public and ensuring we comply with all the regulatory challenges we face.

Construction and Roadworks
Gleeson & Cox, Abernathy Transport, Roadmetals, Horrells Contracting, Southland Sand & Gravel...

As the construction projects we take have grown increasingly complex and costly, the added visibility the Xlerate programme has given us into our workforce and assets has greatly reduced our risk factor. We can now more efficiently schedule projects, work crews and subcontractors, leading to improved productivity and reduced costs.

Livestock and Farming Sector
Scullys Transport, Rotorua Livestock, Harvestpro Logistics, Multimow Enviromental ...

Factors such as safety and delivery times are vital in our business, as our cargo needs to be delivered at its freshest. Xlerate is really helping us to ensure our drivers are following the best possible routes and driving practices.

Bulk Liquid Transport
GMP Environmental, Fluidex, BR&SL Porter, Direct Fuels...

I used to spend hours tied up in backroom administration, trying to keep on top of where my drivers were and where I should instruct them to go next. Now that all of that can be automated, I can finally focus on strategies for growing my business!

Car Haulage
Jeffs Deliveries...

We are experiencing significant cost savings as a result of our mobile team being able to participate in two-way messaging via Xlerates products, instead of racking up massive phone bills.

Container Transport
Frews Transport...

The Xlerate system really cleverly combines real-time data we receive from the ports with their own information, making their portal a one-stop shop for everything we need to know about our containers."

Courier and Delivery Services
FX Freight, Spooks Cartage, Philpott Airfreight...

Xlerates Mobile Resource Management solutions are helping my company to streamline operations from first customer contact through service delivery, enabling us to efficiently schedule and track deliveries, capture signatures and barcode information, analyze planned versus actual routes, and monitor equipment maintenanceall in real-time.

I have to admit, whilst some of XLERATEs features were similar to the competition, the additional features like the RUC tool lifted it well above the rest.
Mike Aberhart, JD Hickman Ltd.

Putting the sensor on the lifting arm of the truck was TeamTalks idea. Their technical guys came out and spent a few days testing it out on one of our trucks and I was impressed with the results.
Andrew Sargent, Waste Mgmt

Its just so clever. Xlerate tells us where the vehicle is, it helps us to plan the best driving routes between locations, it notifies us when a truck needs an oil change, a warrant of fitness or a service,
Murray, Road Metals.