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Electronic Driver logs

Bring your driver logbooks into the 21st century.
The XTEND MDT e-driver log module allows users to electronically record the usual logbook information, plus a whole lot more. Each driver is uniquely identified on the XTEND MDT by the use of a RFID card or a driver PIN code.

Xlerate's e-driver log module can:
  • Maintain an electronic driver logbook.
  • Help users better manage their time.
  • Reduce paperwork.
  • Store and retrieve driver log data from the past 10 days or more for inspection by an enforcement officer.
  • Display driver logbook data in a number of formats including the popular log book graph view.
  • Warn driver of all potential violations including daily and weekly limits of on-duty time, driving time and minimum rest time requirements.
  • Automatically capture Hubo values and location of all status changes, violations and comments.
  • Allows for multiple users to log on at the same time.
  • Provide detailed e-driver reports
Its really clever.
The e-driver log module does more than just maintain and view an electronic driver logbook. When integrated with the vehicle and GPS, the XTEND MDT offers some clever additional features that make it easier for a driver to keep track of their activities and keep them safe:
  • Automatic change of driver status from On Duty to Driving as soon as the vehicle moves.
  • Switching back from Driving to On Duty when the vehicle stops for a predetermined time or ignition is switched off.
  • Switching off MDT screen when vehicle is moving or unused in order to prevent driver distraction.
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