Improved Productivity & ROI

  • View the location of a single vehicle or fleet and immediately see their status (moving, stopped and stop duration)
  • Quickly find addresses and dispatch closest vehicle
  • View addresses, user-defined locations and zones
  • Be notified of vehicle position at regular intervals
  • Customise your maps change vehicle, location and zone names
  • Easy-to-use map controls.
Monitor vehicle activity with customised alerts
  • Create user and vehicle-specific alerts that will notify dispatch or management of these events the moment they occur
  • Alert examples include speed alerts, entry/exit from an address or zone, extended stop times and sensor alerts (these are customised to the vehicle back door opened, idling times, tow lift engaged, etc)
  • Alerts may be sent to any email-enabled desktop computer or other device
Reports - Tailored to your needs
  • Comprehensive reporting features allow for thorough analysis of fleet activity
  • Reports cover the fleet, driver, vehicle and alert activity for up to 90 days
  • Administrators can easily view and modify all aspects of their users, drivers, and managers from a single web-based screen. Saving and editing fleet, vehicle, alert or driver requirements is fast and simple
Vehicle Maintenance
  • Never forget a vehicle service again - set maintenance points (mileage, dates, etc) for each vehicle or fleet
  • Set maintenance lists such as oil changes, tyre rotation and tune-ups
  • Maintenance alerts can be emailed directly to your computer, PDA or cell phone
Road User Charges (RUC)
  • Save money on RUC with accurate recording of vehicle kilometres and streamline the lodgement process with Xlerate - LTNZs only approved online lodgement service.
Optional Features with the XTEND MDT:
  • 2-way Messaging - By adding a mobile data terminal to the in-vehicle equipment, drivers are able to participate in 2- way instant messaging, which will reduce on-air time and reduces mistakes due to miscommunication
  • Job Dispatch - Create and allocate jobs in an intelligent manner that speeds up your delivery methods and improves accuracy of dispatch.
  • Trailer and Asset Management - Instantly locate your mobile assets and maximise their productivity.
  • Capture Off-Road Kilometres - enhance Xlerates builtin RUC module by accurately capturing your vehicles offroad kilometres
  • Electronic Driver Log - The MDT becomes a powerful electronic driver logbook, capturing a wide range of driverspecific information that meets LTNZs requirements.
Solution modules
Real Time Tracking
Fleet Management
Performance Dashboard
Road User Charges
Job Dispatch
In-Vehicle Navigation
Check Lists
Handheld Solutions
M2M Satellite Data
Route Planning
eDriver Logs