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The Xlerate fleet management module improves fleet efficiencies, helps compliance and reduces vehicle downtime.

    Most organizations use simple spreadsheets or accounting packages to manage their fleets. These systems require repetitive data entry and are tedious, time consuming, and error prone. Reporting is limited and there are no systems to flag things like overdue vehicle services, or to send reminders that registration or insurance are due.

    Xlerate provides a single integrated view of all of your fleet's activities, maintenance and operations and provides automated alerts, reports and events ensuring that all aspects of your fleet maintenance are taken care of.

    Virtual odometer
    Xlerate maintains a virtual GPS based odometer for each vehicle and provides automatic alerts for key vehicle maintenance procedures. These maintenance alerts can be triggered based on odometer, date, engine hours and fuel use.

    This feature alone can save an organisation significant cost through timely vehicle maintenance. The virtual odometer can be supplemented by a true odometer if required.

    Inspection Check lists
    Inspection checklists are a useful tool to ensure that the vehicle are maintained in the best possible condition.

    Traditionally, these inspections have been performed on pen and paper systems, often resulting in incomplete tracking and recording of vehicle conditions.

    With Xlerate you can replace the paper based inspections and check list reports with electronic check lists and obtain valuable information to help keep the fleet in shape.

    Life cycle management
    You can track and control activities related to the complete life cycle of the vehicle from purchase to disposal including loans and repayment.

    In addition you can manage and report on fuel use, tyre use and inventory, repairs, insurance, accident history, registration and permits, preventative maintenance and more.

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