Improved Productivity & ROI
Improved Productivity and Return On Investment

When compared to other GPS vehicle tracking packages, the Xlerate Fleet Management System has set itself apart. Whats different about Xlerate is the way it provides the information it gathers to business users.

Owners of service and delivery companies need to know more than simply where their vehicles are at any given moment. By using the carefully collated vehicle and fleet information available in Xlerate's user-friendly reports and web-based maps, fleet managers can make operational decisions that will save them time and money which in turn greatly affects the overall profitability of their business.

Xlerate customers all experience dramatic operational improvements which include increases in productivity, customers service and vehicle safety. Additionally, customers can experience significant decreases in fuel costs, road user charges, overtime, and insurance premiums.

Improve productivity

Improve customer service and response times
Using the real-time location feature, you are able to respond to customer requests promptly by arranging for the closest vehicle to respond, rather than the first driver to notice the job.

Right-size your fleet
The Xlerate reporting features allow an insight into the actual work each vehicle does each day/week/month. By carefully examining these reports, you may be able to re-direct some of the workload, ensuring all vehicles work in the most efficient way possible. This could lead to reducing the size of your fleet and can help you plan for future vehicle purchases.

Reduce unauthorised stops and after-hours use
By setting maximum stop times, you can be alerted when drivers are repeatedly taking long breaks between jobs.

Reduce the time it takes for drivers to move between jobs - without the need for them to speed.
Using the route planning function, the most direct route will be suggested and instructions can be messaged straight to the driver if a mobile data terminal (MDT) is installed. This means drivers take less time finding out where they are going and are less likely to get lost.

Reduce operational costs

Control overtime
By better managing the way employees use their working hours, employees can be made more productive and spend less time on expensive overtime.

Spend less on fuel
By using Xlerate to report on excessive driving speeds, after hours usage and excessive vehicle idling, managers can create a clear driving policy aimed at reducing these events and therefore making a significant reduction in fuel bills.

Reduce your insurance premiums
Once the Xlerate system is in place, you may be in a position to approach your insurance company and renegotiate your premiums based on the fact that you have greater control over the vehicles activity and location.

Improve vehicle performance through regular maintenance regimes
Regular vehicle tuning and maintenance, based on the manufacturers recommended schedule, can provide increased fuel economy. Build alerts into your Xlerate system to notify you when each vehicle is due for a tune-up or service.

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