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In the SaaS world no successful application exists in isolation. Right from the start designers of the Xlerate service have built into the application required integration tools and services to communicate, share data with external systems both web based and simple desktop or ERP/CRM systems.

These tools range from simple user self services batch import and export tools to custom real time integration solutions.

    XML Web services
    Xlerate provides a range of XML web services that can be used to extract or update information including current vehicle position information.

    Batch data import/export
    Throughout the Xlerate application users are provided with simple import/export tool by means of MS Excel sheets data such as vehicle information, customer, employee and jobs can all be imported/exported or updated using this method.

    Subscribed reports
    All reports in the Xlerate allow for a subscribe Excel option which allows users to receive automated delivery of the reports data into their email address/drop directory where the receiving system can then process the data from the Excel sheet to update data or create custom reporting or feed business dashboards.

    The Xlerate team has huge experience with integrating enterprise applications like ERPs and CRM systems and Inventory and warehouse management systems.
We also have the expertise to create and deliver custom workflows among multiple systems using of the shelf tools like MS BizTalk server. This approach allows for rapid low lost development of a custom integrated solution.

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