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Xlerates Job Dispatch system is unique and unlike other GPS based Job dispatch systems. Typically GPS based Job Dispatch systems just use the known current location of your fleet and allocate jobs to drivers in the form of text messages to an in-vehicle MDT. However with the Xlerate dispatchers can do much more

    Match resources
    Dispatchers can create new jobs and match the jobs to the best available resource based on specific job types, free or soon to be free drivers, drivers in zone or any other specific attribute

    Xlerates Job Dispatch module that allows you to closely model your existing job dispatch and workflow process, data fields and job statuses its not an approach in which one size fits all. This reduces training requirements or changes to existing business process flow.

    Industry specific
    There are standard job types available by industry which encapsulate the fields and workflow of typical of that industry e.g. Construction, Stock transport, bulk liquid transport and more these standard types are also customizable to your specific requirements.

    When compared with a paper/whiteboard based dispatch approach the Xlerate Job Dispatch allows for full location visibility and allocation of jobs to free or soon to be free employees who are best suited and close to the job site. Thus increasing the number of job performed per day increasing your efficiency and your profits.

    Real time
    Status updates, date-time of each job step, location and time spent at site are all automatically captured and displayed for real time decision making and also for reporting and billing purposes. Real time status and delay alerting can be delivered using on-screen display, SMS, fax and email.

    Driving directions
    Integrated routing allows the dispatcher to evaluate the best possible route from job to job and send these driving directions to the driver saving time and fuel by not having to work out the route himself.

    Proof of Delivery/Completion
    Drivers can capture proof of delivery, using both a digital signature and GPS data to confirm location and time.

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