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However large or small your fleet is Good communication saves you time and money, brings clarity and transparency to your business and the way you communicate and improves the efficiency of drivers and field workers

    Text *
    Xlerates two-way integrated text messaging allows dispatchers to send quick and clear messages to drivers in the field and receive confirmation that the driver has received and read the message.

    Drivers are alerted to incoming messages by an audible tone as well as a message envelop displayed on screen. They can reply quickly to the message using pre-defined text/status messages or type in a reply.

    When they need support, the office is just a tap on the screen away.

    (* requires Xtend MDT)

    Using text messaging you can enjoy low-cost messaging and communicate with your drivers at cost less than a SMS, phone or radio call.

    Hands-free Voice**
    The Xlerate in-vehicle unit provides full support for two way voice communications with the driver in cab. The office can call the driver and the unit will automatically pick-up the call providing safe hands-free voice communications.

    You could also dial in to covertly listen in to activity in the cab.

    (** requires voice kit but does not require the Xtend MDT)

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