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RFID Solutions

Driver ID proximity cards
RFID proximity cards are issued to drivers each with a preprogrammed unique code. The cards can be printed with employee Photo and other details so that they serve as identity card as well. The drivers scan cards to logon and logoff using the card either in the vehicle or the yard and the system tracks and reports on their working hours

Staff buses can have multiple staff scan their cards as they get in or leave the bus providing a simple way to track attendance of field staff at remote sites

Bin tracking
Bins can be tagged with long range RFID tags that can be read with a vehicle or lift arm mounted reader. Each time a bin is picked/dropped the Bin ID is registered in the system along with GPS based location and date time.

Proof of visit

    Equipment Service Inspections
    Equipment service technicians that perform preventative maintenance on equipment located at customer site can provide proof of visit and service by tagging each equipment with an RFID proximity tag that is scanned when the service is performed. The scan data can be also correlated with the customer site and service contract. Typical examples include plant maintenance, fire extinguisher and alarm checking etc.

    Guard Duty
    Guards use the hand-held data collector to record all checkpoints visited. By placing the rugged hand held reader close to the Tag the time, date and checkpoint location is recorded. Incident events encountered may also be recorded using a set of pre determined Tag ids eliminating need for manual entry of data. The RFID tag can be read through ice, dirt, grime, paint, and any non-metallic material such as wood, concrete, glass, dry wall.

    Timber Inventory Tracking
    Nail tags can be embedded into logs to enable tracking of timber inventory from forest to mill. The readers are vehicle mounted or hand held readers. Each read also records Tag id, with date time and location.

Other solutions
RFID systems are non contact and non-line-of-sight in nature. Tags can be read through snow, paint, dust, wood, concrete and other harsh environments where bar codes and touch memory technology (ibutton) would fail.

RFID systems can be used in a number of applications and Xlerate can help you select the right solution combination for your application. Choosing the right solution hardware is depended on read range, speed of read, ambient conditions and other factors
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