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Road User Charges

Making road user charges easy.
XLERATEs fleet management system has a unique feature that really sets it apart from the competition. It incorporates a Road User Charges (RUC) module that gives you a fully-automated way of applying for RUC refunds.

Nobody wants to pay for unnecessary expenses
Because your vehicles arent always driving on public roads, its possible to claim a refund from LTNZ for all kilometres a vehicle drives off-road. This can make a real difference to the bottom line for a large number of New Zealand businesses who deal in road transport.

Logging trucks spend a lot of time off-road, as do dairy tankers. But for many business owners, the paperwork involved in claiming unused RUC is just too hard.

Not any more. With XLERATE you can:
  • Capture and claim RUC off-road driving electonically.
  • Automate the whole claims process - not just the capture.
  • Make your RUC claims in 'two clicks".
  • See detailed reports to validate your RUC claim.
  • Use map and satellite imagery to verify that the location is indeed off-road.
  • Record all earlier audited locations for easier claims the next time.
  • Purchase notification of expired RUC license direct to provider/vendor, using RUC alerts.
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