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Xlerate Fleet Productivity tools are currently being used to plan and monitor day plans and routes for sales teams. In the past a salesperson had to constantly having to process paperwork and log sales visits and management was unsure as to quantity of customer and prospect visits the sales team are performing on a daily or weekly basis.

With Xlerate, sales managers take control in many ways:
View the location of the fleet in Real Time
View the nearest vehicle to a location to ensure a reduction of travel time and to increase the speed at which a vehicle will arrive for reactive sales appointments
Monitor all sales visits in Real Time by exception. Monitor the planned arrival time versus actual to ensure appointments remain on time
Closely monitor any out of authorised hours use of vehicles, this increases security of vehicles and reduces fuel used
Reports shows accurate data relating to key operational activity, this can be defined for each user group, dependant on their requirements
Xtend Driver ID provides each driver with their own unique ID providing management with clear information as to who has been driving each vehicle at any one time. This clearly differentiates Business and Private mileage, making expenses claims simple and precise

Increase productivity through improved organisation and more efficient planning and territory management
A planned daily schedule ensures all sales appointments are reached on time
Monitor status and location of each sales person through the day ensuring all time sensitive appointments are not attended late
Improve data flow between sales force and office; reduce paperwork and improve communications in real time
Reduce fuel costs and travel time by improving routes taken
Monitor sales team performance and working hours
Send the nearest sales person to a site for any reactive sales leads

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