M2M Satellite Data solutions

Xlerate offers a low cost, reliable, Global two-way data communications allowing users to access critical information readily, from areas beyond the geographic reach of GSM and CDMA systems.

M2M communications
Units can send and receive short messages, between six bytes and several kilobytes, in near real-time

The two-way satellite system, is designed to provide "near-real-time" and "store-and-forward" communication to and from both fixed and mobile assets.

Using the Xlerate dual mode Satellite data and GSM GPRS mode unit you can now monitor, message and control your assets across the country even where GSM and GPRS connectivity is not available.

Our dual mode (Satellite and GSM GPRS) units can used installed on trucks, trailers, railcars, containers, heavy equipment, fluid tanks, utility meters, pipelines, marine vessels, oil wells and other assets.

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