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With the Xlerate solution the ability to sense and record external events other than vehicle location is not limited to simple Digital and Analog inputs. We interface to and provide data from the vehicles on-board systems using a number of vehicle standard interfaces like the CAN bus (J1939 and variants), J1708 (and variants)

    Vehicle diagnostics
    Vehicle diagnostic information as well as vehicle performance data from these systems allows pro-active fleet maintenance and increases on-road time.

    Tyre Pressure
    We can also connect to external modules such as tyre pressure monitoring systems, axle weight measuring systems and RFID readers which are retrofitted and may not be part of the standard vehicle kit.

    Digital & Analog
    Digital and analog inputs can include, temperature measurement, doors, headlights, brakes, bin lift arms and other PTOs

    If you have a custom telematics requirements talk to us and we can design a solution for you.
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