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Combining Xlerate and a dedication to the customer proves to be a winning formula

Frews Contracting was established in the 1920s, and Frews Contracting Limited has evolved from these humble beginnings to become a major feature of the Canterbury cartage and contracting scene. Its not possible to have remained in business successfully for so long without a serious dedication to customer service something which Frews Contracting has in droves.

Old fashioned dedication

Weve always been pretty dedicated to what the customer wants. I know it sounds old fashioned, but loyalty is important and we want to make it easy for our customers to stick with us throughout the years, says Sean Rooney, Operations Manager at Frews Contracting. Its this dedication to their customers needs that saw Frews Contracting undertake a major upgrade to their communications and dispatch platforms recently. Having been a TeamTalk customer using mobile radio for voice communications for many years, Sean discussed his ideas about streamlining his dispatch systems with his TeamTalk account manager. He told me about Xlerate and what it could do. I was pretty interested, so I said, show me. As soon as I saw it, I was sold on it, Sean explains.

Their Challenge

Frews Contracting is a busy operation, with two main operational areas: Contracting services (covering cartage, earthworks, demolition, salvage, recycling, landscaping and trade supplies) and container services (providing container transport and delivery to and from the Lyttleton Port to locations around Christchurch and Canterbury). They employ around 45 staff, and run a fleet of over 30 trucks, plus a range of diggers, excavators, loaders and crushers.

All this activity means its essential that Frews Contracting have a reliable communications system, and its important for management to have a good idea where each vehicle is and what it is doing throughout the day. I was looking for a system that would streamline our dispatch process, meaning we could all spend less time on the radio, but have a better idea of whats happening and where, said Sean.

Our Solution

The Xlerate solution appealed to Sean because of its wide range of features, including real-time vehicle location, geofences, job dispatch, time-clock keeping, vehicle idling and maintenance reports, route planning and managing road user charges (RUC) rebate claims.

Xlerate was installed in all Frews Contracting trucks almost a year ago and Sean has been impressed with the difference it has made for the business.

Im always discovering new ways to improve efficiencies with Xlerate and we are seeing substantial improvements in the productivity of our fleet.

Sean Rooney - Frews Contracting