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One of the key assets within industries such as Construction, Roading and Warehousing are Portable assets which are easily moved and typically remain on-site for days at a time.

Examples of portables assets are forklifts, skid-steers, compressors, light plants, back hoes, and generators. Xlerate provides the location of these portable assets and updates the position so that one can locate and verify that all of their portable assets are where they should be. This information can also be useful in making decisions to reallocate assets to other sites if required.

Xlerate is assisting several customers to:
Manage asset usage
Help allocate resources effectively
Know when the asset is in use so you can verify for accurate billing
Reduce equipment rental
Reduce maintenance and fuel costs
Get timely and accurate information with automated reports of engine hours and operating hours
Alert service technicians to schedule maintenance at the right time.
Easily identify the location of the asset when technician arrives on site
Reduce insurance costs

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