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Medtech Global LTD enters mobile technology space new revenue opportunities- Strategic alliance with Xlerate Technologies LTD.

MedTech Global Ltd and Xlerate Technologies Ltd have signed a Strategic Alliance agreement to work together to develop and market Xlerates mobile computing and telemetry products worldwide and to share the revenue generated from this activity.

Xelerate Technologies has developed a range of leading edge mobile electronic devices using GPS and telemetrics for use in the healthcare industry. These include devices which enable clinicians to remotely monitor and support the healthcare requirements of patients with chronic conditions and the elderly. These unobtrusive devices, attached to the body, enable patients to participate in normal activities with peace of mind knowing their health professional can continuously monitor their health remotely.

MedTech Global will integrate these devices with its software products and distribute them through its extensive distribution network in primary healthcare.

Mr. Vino Ramayah, MedTech Global Ltds Executive Chairman notes:

The market for mobile health applications is expected to grow rapidly in coming years, driven by the pressure of lifestyle movement, insurance companies, ageing populations, the need for productivity gains in the health sector and the relative reduction in the ratio of healthcare professionals servicing the population.

MedTechs vision is to provide value for healthcare globally through the use of state of the art technologies. This strategic alliance with Xlerate Technologies is consistent with the companys vision and will reinforce our market leading position. MedTechs significant distribution network and Xlerates leading edge mobile electronic devices provide a powerful combination to deliver value for all stakeholders. This will offer MedTech new revenue opportunities in a very dynamic sector of technology.

Mr. Manoj Dolli, Chief Executive Officer of Xlerate Technologies Ltd explains:

As the demand for personalised services over mobile devices continues to grow, this represents a significant revenue opportunity for MedTech to deliver innovative integrated healthcare solutions to their customer base of General Practitioners and healthcare providers. Xlerate will enable a Managed Services offering to the market where health care content providers can create value addition to their customer service offerings.

Mr. Cyril Ovely, Chairman and Chief Technical Officer of Xlerate Technologies Ltd further explains:

With the ubiquity of mobile data usage and applications coupled with advancement in sensor technologies, there is a huge opportunity for us to harmonise these technologies and bring to market a converged healthcare monitoring device offering many benefits to customers.


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