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Performance Dashboards

Dashboards give you an easy graphical way to monitor Operational efficiency of your fleet. Various operations parameters can be measured and mapped against established KPI.

Each user can create their own set of multiple dashboards each with graphs and values to monitor various facets of the business e.g. Job Dispatch performance, Freight delivery performance, Maintenance performance, Route compliance, Fleet performance and more.

Kms driven, Speeding, Stops, idling, offroad kms, after hours kms, early/late, start and end day, Breakdowns, Maintenance turn around times.

Driver log violations, on duty/rest hours, harsh braking/acceleration, engine v/s normal brake use, traffic Violations.

On time pickup/delivery, Turn around time, kms per pick/deliveries, empty runs

Fuel used, Fuel used v/s budget, Fuel use v/s speeding.

Average kms driven, Pressure readings.


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