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xlerate solutions are deployed by customers, some of whom are companies that make up to 220 drops a day, delivering 7000 products to wholesalers, cash and carry's and major retailers nationwide. By integrating Xlerates solution with routing and scheduling back-end operations and processes customers are able to run their vehicles more efficiently - and saving money at the same time.

Xlerates comprehensive Fleet productivity modules have helped them to:
Improvement in customer services by providing visibility to customer of service providers location
Accurate stop reports at customer locations for billing dispute resolutions
Reduction in downtime and saving on contractor wages
Increased efficiency
Route optimisation and planning to achieve more deliveries within a day
Speed analysis and management of drivers
Reduced out of hours van use
More job completion rate by dispatching jobs to nearest vehicle to job
Mobile phone/WAP display for fleet and alerts enables managers on the move to keep in touch with operations

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