Improved Productivity & ROI


Giving you the information you need, in a format you can use, to make your fleet run more efficiently.

What does it do?
Xlerate is a complete mobile resource management package combining the internet, GPS, satellite and mobile technologies for any moveable asset ideally suited for vehicles. You can use it to locate your vehicles, view driver actions and look at engine/vehicle management issues from any computer with an internet connection.

How does it do it?
Its simple. You plug a small black box (containing a cellular modem) into each vehicle in your fleet. It includes a GPS transmitter and can connect to the vehicle in a variety of ways to track different actions (e.g. engine management, automatic door openers, lifts, etc). You can also add a display terminal for dispatch services, instant messaging, mapping and an electronic driver logbook. The hardware can be installed in most vehicles in an hour.

Back at the office (or anywhere else with an internet-connected computer), log on to a secure website and you will be able to understand whats going on with your vehicles - where they are, who is driving them, where they have been, how fast they are going, which trailer they are using, their off-road status, etc.

Using this information, you can reduce operational and/or maintenance costs and improve the productivity of your entire mobile workforce.

What does it cost?

  • Set per-month fees cover a fully managed service. This includes hardware, access to internet application and cellular communications service.
  • No software to buy.
  • Your exisiting on-road hardware technologies such as PDAs, mobile scanners and printers can usually be incorporated into your specific solution potentially saving you thousands of dollars.
Solution modules
Real Time Tracking
Fleet Management
Performance Dashboard
Road User Charges
Job Dispatch
In-Vehicle Navigation
Check Lists
Handheld Solutions
M2M Satellite Data
Route Planning
eDriver Logs