Professional Services

Understanding your companys requirements, challenges, and technology goals is the foundation of Xlerate customer-centric solutions. Our Professional Services team works collaboratively with you to craft end-to-end solutions that address your unique business objectives and ensure that the Xlerate solution is seamlessly integrated with your business other software applications.

Xlerate Professional Services and Enterprise Integration Services include the following:
    Integration services
    Integrating Xlerate's vehicle location and diagnostic information into other business applications is quick and seamless. Examples of data accessible include GPS location, mileage, idle-time, fuel, trouble codes and speed. These services allow fleets to stream vehicle information into other software solutions such as dispatching and fleet management. Architected to be efficient, secure, and scalable, Xlerate's integration services can help you power the solutions you use to manage your business.

    • Custom development
    • Mobile application development
    • Custom Workflow and Reports
    • OEM and VAR Location data services

    Implementation services
    Project Management, Transportation Consulting, Training and Deployment services

    Extended data storage

    Back office integration
    Streamline business practices by integrating with your back-end systems. Automatically feed location data into systems such as payroll and dispatching for more efficient payroll processes and access to real-time logistics.
Positioning services can be very useful for fleet management. The integration of GIS tools with GPS mobile phones or PDAs makes it possible for an operator to see the exact position of each vehicle of a fleet in real time, because they are represented in a map. The integration of GIS+GPS with a message system allows communication between drivers and fleet managers. Operators can communicate with drivers by sending messages to indicate an alternative route due to a schedule change, while drivers can inform of incidences, check points or whatever unusual event that happens. Drivers can interact with operators using technologies such as GPRS or UMTS.

Better information leads to better decisions.

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