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Temperature Monitoring

Real time management of temperature sensitive goods and materials

Xlerate now equips service providers in the food, distribution and transport industry with technology to continuously track the location, status and temperature of their trailer cargo. Track and monitor every step of your perishable cargos journey to ensure safe delivery.

Temperature Monitoring Kit supports multiple sensors to enable service providers to monitor different zones of a trailer at the same time. This is a high quality system designed for high grade food processing industry and the probes are made of stainless steel robust construction.

Xlerate Manage Module dash boards real-time temperature history and reading reports. As a result, customers know in real-time if their shipments are delivered on time and within specified temperature requirements.

Some of the salient features of the system are:

Sophisticated temperature reporting capabilities including:

- Configurable timed reporting intervals
- Customizable indicators for minimum/ maximum thresholds
- On-demand status reports
User-friendly reports highlighting temperature history and readings exceeding thresholds
Automatic alerts based on telemetry readings, such as door open/close

Continuous multi-zone monitoring
Provide real-time status updates to customers and ensure product quality upon delivery
Meet industry regulatory requirements
Optimize temperature control and fuel usage
Reduce costs by preventing trailer cargo loss and spoilage
Assess problems in real-time and improve response rates

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